Company history

IT Recruiter Rob van Elburg founds ravecruitment in Amsterdam. Core business: sourcing the best IT talent in the Netherlands for clients.

Dutch IT specialists become increasingly scarce. Focus shifts to global: sourcing best IT talent worldwide for clients in the Netherlands.

Ravecruitment starts offering relocation services, making it easier for Dutch companies to hire highly skilled migrants.

Ravecruitment employs highly skilled migrants directly and deploys them to Dutch companies.

Ravecruitment introduces Kennismigrant Payroll service. As legal employer of highly skilled migrants, ravecruitment takes care of all employer-related matters. Legal. Financial. Admin. Hiring a highly skilled migrant through ravecruitment becomes a breeze. As a full-service company, ravecruitment guarantees its corporate clients in the Netherlands access to global international talent.

Ravecruitment now has relocated people from 75 different countries and employs 35 different nationalities

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Core values

Transparent, trustworthy, reliable, specialized, personal attention

Key qualities

Knowledgeable, fast, caring, responsible


Ravecruitment believes cultural diversity brings out the best in both people and companies. By bringing global talent to Dutch companies, ravecruitment promotes cultural diversity.


To provide all companies in the Netherlands access to the best talent worldwide and to provide talented individuals from around the globe access to the Dutch labor market. 


Ravecruitment offers a comprehensive, full-service solution for employing highly skilled migrants in the Netherlands: immigration, relocation, hiring, staffing and salary administration. Our specialization enables us to roll out the process for our clients efficiently, cost-effectively and to the highest quality standards.

We are proud of our clients

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