The success of your business is not just about technology. It’s about employing the right people. With talent and skills. So that you can deliver. Find out how we can help you.

Meet ravecruitment!

This is how we do it

We offer a full-service solution for highly skilled migrants from around the world enabling them to work for companies in the Netherlands. This includes immigration, relocation, hiring, staffing and salary administration. The process is efficient, cost-effective and adheres to the highest quality standards. Making the perfect match, that’s what we do best.

We’ll get your people here!

Ravecruitment has over 15 years of experience in relocating skilled migrants. We are recognized as a sponsor by the Dutch immigration service and NEN 4400 certified. As official partner of the International Newcomers’ Centre of the Municipality of Amsterdam, we’ll guarantee your newly recruited staff a soft landing.

Diverse cultural perspectives inspire creativity and drive innovation.

It works!

Cultural diversity matters a great deal in modern workplaces. In this era of technology and globalization, we believe every company should be able to benefit from cultural diversity in its workplace.

This is exactly what ravecruitment offers! We offer our services to all companies in the Netherlands.

We are proud of our clients

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