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Hire highly skilled migrants with ravecruitment! Looking to hire but no IND accreditation or no legal entity in the Netherlands? We bring international talent to your doorstep.

Employing highly skilled migrants means dealing with immigration, relocation, registration, staff and payroll administration. Ravecruitment has the specialized, full-service solution: Kennismigrant Payroll. Efficient. Competitive. Certified quality. 


Ravecruitment has over 15 years of experience in global workforce mobility. We know how to get the visas. Which documents are required. The timeframe. And we know the right people in Dutch embassies around the world.

Our service is comprehensive: we manage and coordinate the process for you from A to Z. Minimizing the chance of errors. Paying attention to each and every detail.


Hiring highly skilled migrants can put pressure on your company’s HR department. Which means extra costs. Ravecruitment’s payroll service makes it easy and saves money. We offer a standard process, specially designed for highly skilled migrants.

Highly skilled migrants working for ravecruitment are exempt from mandatory Dutch pension participation. Ravecruitment can offer alternative pension arrangements. Affordable and tailormade.

Certified quality

The Dutch Immigration Service (IND) recognizes ravecruitment as a sponsor for highly skilled migrants. Being a recognized sponsor means we can obtain a work permit within 2 weeks. In exchange, we have a duty of care: our administration must be accurate, complete and compliant with Dutch legislation. Since 2015, ravecruitment is NEN 4400 certified. Twice a year, NEN inspectors examine our staffing, payroll and financial administration.

What you get with ravecruitment Kennismigrant Payroll Service:

  • Highly skilled migrants, sourced by a professional partner
  • Convenient and safe hiring service
  • By outsourcing to Ravecruitment, you can focus on your core business
  • Save operational costs
  • Continuity of your work force is guaranteed
  • No worries about legislation and regulations regarding highly skilled migrants
  • Your HR administration is always compliant with Dutch law


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‘Efficient centralisation of all work related to immigration, relocation, registration, salary- and HR administration.’

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